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Yesterday, I posted on the following (here) which indicated that both Microsoft and the Australian Government are getting really, really, seriously tight-arsed. Today’s details the announcement by the Australian Treasury, that:

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The Australian Government has authorised the allocation of $4 billion to Australians affected by the global financial crisis. The package includes a $2.6 billion hardship relief for families and $1.4 billion to public infrastructure. The Turnbull Government has allocated $3.9 billion to the package. The package, which comes on top of existing loan support, has been designed to ensure it flows to affected Australian families as quickly as possible. (here).

All of us should be very concerned by this sequence of actions. It’s a damn site more than $1B. It could be described as a piggy bank robbery (if the robbers want to be nice about it) and we’re the cashiers who don’t get to stay in the supermarket while all the goodies are removed.

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At the time that the Rudd government was demanding a carbon tax from large emitters, the Australian Government was proposing an emissions trading scheme. If you want to read about these arguments, you can do so, here:

By the way, the Australian Government was told back in 2010 that by mandating that Large Emitters had to pay a tax on their emissions, the effect would be to encourage them to reduce their greenhouse gas emissions. And they still took that decision, even though that was confirmed to them.

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There’s no doubt that the US and the UK Government have invested in AUSTRAC, and that they’re conducting parallel surveillance on their citizens (both authorised by the UN Charter). Also, there’s no doubt that they’re tapping into the other international telephone and internet infrastructure systems for data. Which means that any media, services, or individuals discussing, arguing, or expressing dissent against them will be monitored by their intelligence agencies.

The arrival of these scandals in Australia should be an important wake-up call for us all. If the major media do not report on these developments, or if the major artists do not express their frustration at these activities, this will strengthen

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