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Online Casino Canada

Tom Tango, a manager with the Pittsburgh Pirates, had this to say to Alex Speier:

In exchange for the big three (and the fifth), Miami got the right to exchange Jose Fernandez for Gerrit Cole and get two mid-tier prospects. Fernandez is extremely talented and would have been a top-five trade target of any team, and the Marlins might well have landed him this offseason. But in exchange for giving up Fernandez, they gave up a chance to land a valuable pitcher like Cole for only a couple of minor prospects.

Online Casino Canada

Frankly, I think that this trade would have made sense from the perspective of the Marlins, but it just doesn’t make sense for the Pirates. Cole is a top-five pitcher this season and will probably continue to be a top-five pitcher next season. He will probably be well worth the return Miami would have got in

Online Casino Canada

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