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Lost at sea. Explore California from sea to sea. The California lottery is a state-run game designed to raise money for state and local governments in California.

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Does C# support static method overloading?

Is this possible to support overloading of static method?

public static string calculate(string x)


return x.Length;


public static string calculate(int x)


return x;



The simple answer is “no”.

You need to implement both cases as separate methods.


What you want to do is to implement the static intellisense to show you that the overloads are intended to be used as static methods so the compiler recognises them. (ie. there is no instance of the object). Therefore you can‘t implement them as static methods in C# but you can implement them as static methods in Java.


How do I correctly setup the web server for a REST API?

I have been receiving 404 errors lately on the requests for my REST API. It seems like it might be due to the web server itself, not the API server. If so, how do I configure the server to properly receive the REST requests?

My web server has multiple applications serving different types of requests, but they all use the same application code (besides the different content types that are serviced by the different applications). This code is compiled into.jar files and these are run using the Java ProcessBuilder api.

Which file do I need to modify to receive REST API requests?

The relevant web server code is as follows:

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