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Online Casino Canada

The online poker world deserves a name to go with it. It deserves to have a pompous name like all the other gaming worlds you know. The first thing that needs to be known about PokerStars is that they are the most renowned poker site in the world. The fact that they have been in existence since the beginning is a testament to this.

PokerStars grew out of the need of people like Barry Shulman, a former accountant who decided to take his passion for poker and share it with others. He felt that poker players were not being respected enough or given the credit they deserved for the great games. With this in mind he decided to launch a website which would meet this need and share this passion with others.

Online Casino Canada

The result was PokerStars and a huge following who were now given what they had always wanted: respect for the poker world. PokerStars was a fantastic site, however, things started to go wrong and it became clear that Barry Shulman was stuck in the past with a site which was not doing well.

Thankfully, the new team of managers took over, and it wasn t long before things started to pick up. PokerStars was now a world-class site, respected by many. It wasn t just by the poker community though, PokerStars was respected by a whole host of people. Bingo fans began to play on PokerStars because they knew the site was going places, which made it a great choice for them.

Online Casino Canada

PokerStars was now a site for everyone and that was also the way they wanted to be recognised. PokerStars had something to offer to every type of player and they knew that they had a very successful site with great content. It was clear that they wanted to take their site to the next level, and the team behind the site was ready.

A big change was needed for PokerStars to achieve this, and Barry Shulman, the man who had started it all, had gone. The site was now in the hands of new owners and a team with a modern attitude. It was time to grow the site up. PokerStars needed to add in the latest technology and the best ways to communicate with its players.

The site needed to be updated to new players and new technologies, and PokerStars wanted to do this in the most positive way for the site. With this in mind, PokerStars joined the OnLive network and this was their biggest step yet.

Online Casino Canada

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