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captain jacks toronto

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The two men apparently were using a crane to remove part of a building facade from a neighboring property, and they were both drunk, police said.

Online Casino Canada

When police arrived, they found the man and a man they were working with bleeding and suffering from lacerations, according to the complaint. The man who was hit by the mortar was taken to a local hospital with non-life-threatening injuries.

When officers arrived at the lot at 13th Avenue and Alberta Street, they noticed construction materials stacked in a large pile. What they found shocked them: The workmen were removing a gold casino club entreprise wallpaper that was apparently stuck on the facade of the building, which was full of holes, the complaint alleges.

Online Casino Canada

Some of the holes were apparently big enough to slip three fingers through, according to the complaint. The workers also cut through the top layer of stucco on the side of the facade that was facing the street — a potential fire risk — before their supervisor asked them to stop, court documents state.

A cocktail waitress, Tara Valentino — who preferred to be identified by her first name, John, for fear of retaliation — was having breakfast at the Puebla when he noticed what he thought was the casino club of the property owner and friends of the owner.

A group of as many as eight men, including the owner of the property, allegedly went in and out of the basement of the hotel Tuesday morning, paid money and gave instructions, then came out, Valentino said.

He said he assumed they were physically taking the wallpaper down to reuse it in their hotel. He said some of the men approached him to say their work was not complete, and that they would be back. About an hour later, there were

Online Casino Canada

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