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captain jack casino

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Online Casino Canada

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Online Casino Canada

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The fine structure of the microcirculation was studied in the small intestinal villi of rats using the method of transmission electron microscopy. The following structures were studied and illustrated in this paper: capillaries, terminal arterioles, venules, veins, capillary cross-sections and the interdigitating membranes. In the rat small intestine, the capillary network between the villi (the submucosal capillary network) was much more developed than the capillary network between the villi (the mucosal capillary network), and the arteriovenous junction, which consisted of a venule flanked by two arteries, was situated at the base of each villus; in addition, there was also a junction of the arteries at the apex. The arteries were divided into a long, narrow lumen, parallel to the villous axis, which entered the apical capillary and a larger parallel lumen, which entered the mucosal capillary. The lumen of these two capillary lumina were continuous. The terminal arterioles were spindle-shaped. The veins between the villi were randomly distributed; they drained into the terminal venules, which were circular and were at the base of the villi. The venule endings appeared to be much more frequent than in the human gut. The capillary cross-sections showed that the lumen and the endothelial lining were continuous from the mucosal to the submucosal capillary. In addition, the macula densa was situated between the two vascular lumina. Anastomoses were observed between mucosal capillaries and those of the submucosal capillary network, between submucosal capillaries and the venule endings, and between the mucosal cap

Online Casino Canada
Online Casino Canada

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