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Since the late ’80s, a man who dresses up as a giant watery humanoid named Bubble has been traveling around the world doing balloon parties. He says he is part of a secret religion.

The Bubble Man community stretches throughout North America, Australia and Europe. The largest collection of Bubble Man costumes and equipment resides at the Bubble Man International Headquarters, a tiny town near San Diego. Visitors can touch the Bubble Man, and even ask him questions. Bubble himself is a human being, but his clothes are mostly Bubble Boy-themed.

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Grown-ups, but mostly adults, respond to his balloon displays with awe, amusement and, occasionally, fear. Some people think it’s creepy. But others are actually excited to see a big bubble-inflated creature drift past.

Bubble Boy doesn’t speak. He has a mouthful of bubbles, so he can’t really yell or scream or even say “Hello.” Instead he shouts, “Wonderful!” and “Fabulous!” in bubbles when he comes to town. But he can add some extra bubbles to his exclamations.

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“Bubble Boy is the new mascot of our show,” said Susan Squires, the manager of a performance troupe in Niagara Falls, New York. “We’ve been doing this for 20 years. The Bubble Boy has really expanded the show. People don’t even know what he is.”

Some people think Bubble Boy is scary. But others love the way his bubbly exterior turns them on. Or at least makes them feel like a younger, lost member of the human race.

A childhood you just can’t forget

Bubble Boy was born on September 23, 1970. His parents are the Bubble Man.

At the time of his birth, Bubble Man was the leading balloon-inflation expert in the world. He had trained his entire army of Bubble Boy look-alikes. Bubble Boy’s pop idol, Elvis, had gone to Bubble Boy’s lessons.

“I was just starting to be known,” he said. “I was writing a book, doing lectures.”

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