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ASOS Web Casino. Lost Vegas: Design, themes and watch online casino book of ra 2017 show. Within our team, we try to win a two-way conversation about winning and losing money.Apple’s AirPods seem like a perfectly reasonable companion to the iPhone, but many people don’t like the idea of having their phones tethered to the wireless earbuds. Yannick Dautzenberg, an Apple analyst at Vrije Universiteit Brussel, suggested to Business Insider a solution that Apple might have been mulling over: an iPhone with a headphone jack that also lets you use wired headphones and Bluetooth earbuds.

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He also had some details on what Apple might do when it makes that transition. The wireless earbuds, as Dautzenberg explained, could be used while their cord is connected to a phone that has a headphone jack. It could also be used with other Apple wireless headphones and with wired ones, without needing to replace the earbuds themselves.

Apple did this for the first time last year, with the iPhone X, when it abandoned the 3.5-millimeter headphone jack for a much smaller connector on the Lightning port. The AirPods, which Apple unveiled in October, are the first major Apple product to pair the new connector with wireless earbuds and headphones.

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Dautzenberg’s proposal has its own limits. For one, it would only work if Apple kept the same design for its wired and wireless headphones and earbuds — and Apple often changes designs. Apple’s current AirPods design is a bit sleeker than previous models, but if Dautzenberg’s version came out today, its earbuds would have a similar overall shape.

Apple didn’t immediately respond to a request for comment about Dautzenberg’s proposal.

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With the new AppleWatch Series 4, Apple introduced an updated design for the Apple Watch and its first smart speaker, the HomePod. It looks like Apple is considering making some design adjustments to its AirPods and its Apple Watch — both of which may be due for major upgrades in the near future.Yamaha Citycycle kick-starts Germany’s ‘long distance urban mobility’ revolution

Yamaha took part in the opening ceremony of the Urban Mobility Demonstrations 2017, organised by Deutsche Bauvereinigung and German Cities Association in Hamburg, yesterday. At

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