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The present invention relates to a process for the production of a mixture which comprises at least one dissolved gas and a gas mixture which includes at least the first gas. The invention also relates to the use of said mixture for mashing malt.

2. Discussion of Background

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Normally, the extraction of malt takes place under atmospheric pressure, i.e. without being subjected to pressure differences.

Such mashing includes the step of forming a part of the malt grain suspended in a hot water slurry by flotation, followed by grinding of the malt grain by means of a mill. The grinding step is carried out in a mash filter or in a roller press.

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After the grinding, the water is drained off, followed by leaching of the malt with a so-called steeping liquor. At the end of the leaching process, a malt cake which can be dried is obtained.

For the production of malt to take place, several types of steeping liquors can be used which include, for example, so-called acid liquors, neutral liquors, enzyme liquors, so-called malt liquors and neutral liquors, which are applied to the malt in any desired sequence.

The milling or homogenization of the malt grain, as well as the flotation and grinding of the malt, which are carried out before application of the liquid, in this case represent the aeration step, the extraction step and the crushing step.

During this process, dissolved carbon dioxide (CO.sub.2) is generated by the malt to a considerable extent. The dissolved gas can be extracted as efficiently and in as short a time as possible. This requires intensive treatment of the liquor, for example by short contact times between the malt and the gas and by the use of as much gas as possible.

The best known processes for extraction of malt are based on the fact that malt, for example malted barley, contains enzymes, which malt liquors can react with. The enzymes are present, in particular, in the enzymes of the endosperm of the grain. At the same time, the liquors used, i

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