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Online Casino Canada

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Online Casino Canada

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Online Casino Canada

Today it is time for a retro look at the history of online betting! In the beginning, online gambling was restricted to a set of curious-minded gamblers and sophisticated bookmakers.

They used the latest technolgy to show their best product. These were fax machines, pagers and cell phones. They arranged their business in specific time slots.

Open hours were from to and from seven in the morning to seven at night. Since that time, these guys changed the way they run their business. The time slots were eliminated and replaced with extended hours.

The opening hours now run from to midnight. This is no surprise. The technology used in online betting has to be modern. You can only select the time when you want to use your service.

This forces you to do nothing but use the service. When do you use the fax machine anymore? Nothing is sent on a fax anymore. You go to your PC when you want to send something on paper or on the internet.

Same with the phone. You call when you want. You do not keep open hours anymore. One advantage of this is, that you can use the service any time you want.

You can use the service while you are awake. You do not have to close your business just because it is two in the morning. This makes things easier for the business owner.

He can now use the service in his own time. The service is not only reserved for certain time slots

Online Casino Canada

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