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Win the big one Today A brand new and exciting promotion to hit the casinos across the world is now live at Mr Slot‘s casino. There’s 20 free spin feature in this promotion, you can get 20 free spins with any 10. Get into a Live Slot Game.

Online Casino Canada

55 mobile apps for Android and iOS- A companion app for your smartphone or tablet. The exclusive mobile app includes win the big one offer, ad support, and an easy- to- use interface. Learn more about the Mr. Slots Mobile App. To make things even easier, you can transfer your winnings to your bank account right away.

You can choose any transaction method. However, please be aware that the money transfer may take 1 or more days to process. Please note that there are no daily and weekly win the big one. Instead, there is a total win the big one payout at the end of every full Moon.

Online Casino Canada

Win the big one The total win the big one payout is calculated as the sum of all winnings made during the entire promotion period.

There are no payouts on Tuesdays, Wednesdays, or Thursdays. What is a resuit payout? A resuit payout is a payment made to players within two business days from the end of an event and during selected times.

Online Casino Canada

In addition, this top- of- the- line payout can be made at the casino or via email. Who wins the jackpot? If at any time during the promotion, during a given event, you have any of the five following attributes, you will win the jackpot:

On the first day of the event, you will receive a letter stating the amount of the jackpot prize that you are entitled to win.

On the second day of the event, you will receive a telephone call from the casino or from the accredited win the big one. Players will be asked to provide their identification to verify their win the big one and the type of phone number they are using.

On the third day of the event, you will receive a letter indicating that you won the jackpot. The letter will also include information about the prize amount.

On the fourth day of the event, you will be prompted to provide your signature to verify the win the big one via facsimile. You will then be asked to submit the original letter of proof of win the big one and the information from your original letter to the casino or to the accredited rep that made the call.


Online Casino Canada

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