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Online Slots no download free casino gaming of your favourite online slots available to play now. Play Fruit Slots online slot FREE for fun with no download or annoying spam no deposit! Top Slot Games offers over exciting and mobile slots games to play free at Mochocochu.The China Southern Airlines flight to the US on September 16 will be the last plane for American tourists. On Friday, the US State Department issued a statement to clarify that it expects to suspend all airway agreements with China.

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The US State Department has released its latest travel advisory, indicating that the US government expects to suspend all airway agreements with China “due to the severe restrictions on US citizens traveling to China that resulted in the temporary ban on international visitors and Chinese nationals from entering the US beginning January 31, and the entry suspension of Chinese visitors on January 31 and February 2.”

The order also indicated that “the US government expects to resume all of its airway agreements with China when those agreements can be fully implemented without causing undue interference with the ability of American citizens to conduct lawful business in China.”

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The statement comes amid the escalating tensions between the US and China in the wake of the novel coronavirus outbreak.

China, which has been warned by the World Health Organization and the US government that it has not yet been able to contain the spread of the virus, announced a ban on US flights in early February, after Washington said that the arrival of a large number of Chinese tourists would put pressure on the Chinese government.

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As of February 8, only 12,000 people from the US had returned to the country after the ban.

China has issued a new travel ban for non-residents

On February 8, China issued a new travel ban for non-residents, as Wuhan, which was the epicenter of the virus outbreak, struggled to fight the epidemic. On January 30, Wuhan halted all public transport to and from the city.

The US State Department issued its own advisory to its citizens and residents on February 3, cautioning them against visiting China, warning that there was a “high risk” of exposure to the virus.

As of February 8, some 2,900 people from the US had returned to the country following the US ban on travel, according to the US Customs and Border Protection.

The most recent data revealed that more than 20,000 cases and nearly 800 deaths from the virus had been detected in the country

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