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Does the science underlying gambling encourage pathological betting?

Understanding the concept of zero sum games, such as roulette, is one example of this concept, which states that the outcome of a game cannot win or lose by virtue of a game’s rules, but rather, in terms of a game’s mechanics.

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Slot machine games are a good example of this concept. Here, a player can spin the reels of the slot machine to win, and the slot machines set it up so that the player cannot lose by the game’s rules.

Yet, the person playing the slot machine risks losing by not playing fairly or by making conscious decisions based on the gambling behavior he or she wants to do. Those who follow gambling schools are often advised to not play a game, as well as to not gamble at all.

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As long as a person follows these gambling policies, there is no harm. Yet, not all people follow these policies, and some are certainly addicted to gambling. If a person is addicted, then it is really as if his or her brain has no concept of risk, and the person becomes more emotionally involved in the game than the player should.

An article that is posted by the University of Michigan in psychology discusses the matter. He talks of research that is currently being done in laboratories to establish when people will have a compulsion to play a game.

The research involves designing machines in a way that is similar to an addictive substance such as cocaine. For example, a person may be able to win hundreds of dollars in a few minutes playing a particular machine in a gambling parlor, and the machine might feature a light or sound that indicates when a person is about to win big, which will make it more likely that a person will have the desire to play that particular machine.

The study also involves showing men and women a gambling game such as a slot machine and having them play. The people would be monitored to see what happens when they receive a win, a loss, or when they are just about to receive a win or loss.

This research will help to look at compulsive gamblers to see what actually happens in their brains.

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