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Online Casino Canada

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Online Casino Canada

Check out the official website to learn all about the game.Brosio Fresco Wetsuit

Fresco is a gentle wetsuit designed for all your windy water activities. It is a performance suit that is versatile enough to wear at the beach and on the water whether you are in the surf, skiing, surfing or simply kayaking.

Online Casino Canada

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Technical Information:

Wind and watertight to 100m

Excellent water temperature range

Superior stretch and mobility

4mm stretch neoprene fabric

Proper fit

Padded chest

High level of stretch and freedom of movement

Removable bib

Integrated neoprene collar and bib

High speed repelling thanks to the hydrophilic coating

The Airproof label ensures total wind and watertightness

Durability label available in white and black

Fits all

Brosio Eco-Friendly

Brosio makes a material called Eco-Friendly, this material is much more eco-friendly as compared to polypropylene and is made without using any chemical. Therefore Brosio is producing a product that is also sustainable and environmentally friendly, while supporting our oceans by collaborating with the blue water team.

Brosio Eco-Friendly and Brosio Wetsuit are the same suit however they are both identified with their respective certification.

Brosio Eco-Friendly

The Eco-Friendly material is a premium swimwear material that is eco-friendly. It meets the highest level of quality standards and is internationally certified as of EFQM certification.

It is available in a wide range of colours and printed offers.

Brosio Wetsuit

Our Wetsuit is an exceptional material made from polypropylene. We use a premium 100% polypropylene material which has a completely comfortable and soft feel.

Online Casino Canada

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