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During the last few months, the administration in Massachusetts is also examining how to launch a similar proposal on the whole state. This state probably is ready to act not quite yet, but one can certainly hope that they will go with the result of the Nevada measure. In addition to Massachusetts, a legislative task force of all states is already working on similar proposals. The National Council of Problem Gambling and Gamblers Anonymous touts its success as the gambling problem treatment.

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But the American Gambling Association talks about a hundred thousand U. In addition, they are also making their opinions and desires known to the administration. In fact, the political branches of the federal government are preparing for a widespread gambling law.

Otherwise, a court decision will take place early next year that will be decisive. The Iowa Supreme Court could deal with a casino gambling case in the next week. The key issue is the trump fact that the case is already decided in the lower courts and only needs to be certified to the highest court.

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The Iowa Supreme Court could hold up a ruling on the cause and render a decision in April. Iowa has already approved nine limited casinos since the World War II. This is the second case that has been in front of the Iowa Supreme Court. The first was a question of the constitutionality of their casino gambling law. On that case, the court ruled in favor of the state.

In addition, they also ruled that no casinos are allowed in the state. A petition for a review was filed by the Free Restoration group that wants to bring casinos to the state.

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After the discussion of the issue in early May, the court ruled for the constitutionality of the law. The Free Restoration group appealed the decision and an appeal was filed with the Iowa Supreme Court. The Iowa Supreme Court could now render its decision on April 27, according to their calendar.

Both sides of the case have a high credibility and both sides want to gain the other side. On the one side, it is the Free Restoration group that wants to bring casinos to the state. In addition, the group wants a large influx of tax money that can be used to help low-income Iowa residents and to develop neighborhood centers.

On the other side are the opponents that want to prevent casinos in the state. They claim that gambling would ruin small towns and would weaken the family.

Despite all the claims and threats, the Iowa Supreme Court can rule in favor of either side. In the end, the Iowa Supreme Court could

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